Apicure summer collection

Apicure is a family run business from the north of Greece, that produces soaps and cosmetics (and other similar products) with natural ingredients - most important of which, is honey.


For Apicure we designed a new identity and also helped design the packaging for their new products.


Their new products, that came out with their new identity, was a summer cosmetics series.

Hair oil, Tanning oil, Face & body oil, Shimmering body oil and a Serum.


These were all brand new products for the company and they had to be introduced with the company's brand new identity.

The collection is a high quality series with natural ingredients. It's a fresh and inexpensive collection.


We wanted the packaging to reflect the natural ingredients and the summer spirit of the cosmetics. Each product is represented by a carefully selected colour and we chose a textured paper for the packaging itself. The combination creates a casual premium identity for the collection.


The bottles were selected so the content is visible, and we applied the new identity in a minimal design.

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Apicure summer collection

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