Anapnoe is a new brand of Greek Mountain Tea.
The tea comes in six flavours:
Plain Mountain Tea
Mountain Tea & Mint
Mountain Tea & Sage
Mountain Tea & Chamomile
Mountain Tea & Rose
Mountain Tea & Lemon Vermena

Mountain tea is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea made from a single variety of the sideritis plant. Also known as "Shepherd's Tea" or "Greek Mountain Tea," it is referred to in Greece as Tsai tou vounou, translating directly to "Tea of the mountain." It is brewed using the dried flowers, leaves, and stems of the sideritis plant.

We were asked to redesign the initial labels, in order to display the true spirit of the brand and its values. Each label was assigned a specific colour according to flavour, in order to make it easier to distinguish between the products.
The packaging was kept simple, with a choice of white metallic pouch, while the label displayed a strong contrast with a dark grey.

Also for each flavour a new illustration was created by Vladimir Radibratovic

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