Livadaros Paraskevas

Logo design, for a surveyor on the Greek island of Santorini.
Paraskevas Leivadaros, is an Agronomist and Surveyor Engineer on the island and he assigned us the task of creating his new professional identity. It was a beautiful co-operation that left everyone happy.
The logo was based on the surveying symbols and more specifically on the height lines found on surveying maps.
These lines "transform" into Paraskeva's initials (ΠΛ - in Greek) but also in a minimal way, represent a total station, one of the most identifiable tools of surveyors.
The logo has two versions, one with all the details (name, profession etc) and one with just the icon.
The colours were chosen to be bold and complement the thick lines and also to work well within the traditional colours and shapes of the island's settlements.

The full identity was completed with the design of new business cards, signs and assorted material

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Livadaros Paraskevas

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