Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closet is a women's clothes and accessories shop in Corfu Greece, in the old Town of the island. I was involved in creating the identity for this shop, but also designing the shop and its decoration. The shop deals with a lot of hand made clothes and jewellery as well. This is an ongoing project and apart from the usual graphic and web design it also covers the window displays and each season's decoration.

Before everything, the shop (and its concept) had to take form. Than involved everything, from choosing the paint colours and participating in the work done on the shop.
The initial state of the space was pretty bad, but it was also hiding some surprises.

 Quickly the shop, took its new form, keeping close with the concept, which was romantic, contemporary and stylish at the same time. The new identity was applied in the space as well, in the form of wall decals.
Of course the main theme of the shop, it's its name... a walk-in closet. The shop was designed that way so that will remind a woman's dream closet.

Along with the clothes, the shop started to fill with different graphic design elements, from shopping bags, to business cards and gift cards.

The exterior of the window display was given a lot of attention as well. Window decals for sales or special occasion have been designed exclusively.

Another thing that changes regularly, and I participate in its design, it's the shop's window display. In many cases natural elements are used and again a lot of weight is given to handmade elements.

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Walk-in Closet

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